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Age Well With These Five Superfoods

Maintaining a healthy overall diet is an essential element to remaining healthy as we age. But consuming these five superfoods can help kick physical health and cognitive functioning up to the next level in seniors. These delicious foods help reduce the risk of cancer...

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Managing Stress

In recent years, doctors and researchers have started to better understand how stress impacts the body. Ongoing stress can be bad for mental and physical health, resulting in conditions like anxiety, depression and heart problems.

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Quick and Easy Senior Meals

Eating three meals with a range of nutrients and vitamins is important for everyone. As we age, this can become more difficult for a variety of reasons – limited mobility and motor function can make grocery shopping and cooking difficult. Diminished taste...

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Brain Exercises to Improve Memory

If you find you’re having a hard time remembering things, or are worried about cognitive issues down the line, there are preventative measures you can take.

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Improving Balance with Easy Exercises

One of the great challenges of aging is changing strength and balance in the body. The most common cause of injury among seniors is falling. While this is something many seniors and their loved ones worry about, there are some simple exercises you can do...

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