Benefits of Assisted Living

Your loved one may require the services of a caregiver or an assisted living community after an unexpected accident or medical emergency – or the need may materialize over a number of years. In either instance, caregiving is a challenging duty. Each individual who requires caregiving assistance has distinct needs which require – and deserve – individualized attention. The following list represents a quick overview of the primary services provided by our assisted living community to maintain dignity and quality of life for your loved one.

Prepare a Care Plan

The care plan is an essential organizational tool for managing the day-to-day routine of your loved one. Our assisted living staff will discuss your loved one’s habits, along with his or her routine, with you and work with you and your loved one to develop the best possible schedule.

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Assess Medical Needs and Manage Medications

The medical staff at Camino monitors the medications your loved one has been prescribed. They also develop a care plan and medication regimen to ensure that your loved one receives the proper dosage of his or her medication on schedule.

Assist with Basic Needs

As your loved one ages, he or she may need assistance in performing basic daily activities. Our skilled caregivers are trained to assist your loved one with eating, walking, and other lifestyle needs. Staff members will also assist with bathing, dressing, and other hygiene needs.

Meal preparation


Dieticians work with medical professionals on staff at an assisted living community to accommodate most dietary restrictions your loved one may have. Together, a healthy meal plan will be designed for the community’s residents – along with creating a schedule to provide tasty, nutritious meals.


Isolation is all too common among seniors. Maintaining human companionship is essential to maintaining good health at every stage of life. Along with providing medical and physical care, staff members schedule fun group activities, along with interacting one-on-one with individual residents. Even for the more reserved senior, assisted Living affords the opportunity to socialize three times daily at meals. For those who crave more social interaction, there are numerous social activities and entertainment daily.

Monitor Performance

Although you spend as much time as possible with your loved one, you can’t always be physically present. We monitor how well your loved one is doing, as well as addressing areas of concern. 

Specifically, Camino does monthly checks on each resident, including their vitals, weight and nurse assessment. We will alert the family and doctors if significant health changes should arise.

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For more tips on caregiving and the services that an assisted living community can provide, schedule a tour of our communities and meet our dedicated staff today!

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