Why Strength Training Is Important

It’s Not Just Weight Lifting

Many people associate weight lifting exclusively with bodybuilding. However, strength training with weights often involves more frequent repetitions with lighter weights. This latter form of strength training is excellent for producing a lean physique and lean muscle tone, and does not result in bulging biceps and thighs.


Resistance Training is Key

Resistance training often utilizes resistance bands or your body’s own weight to achieve increased muscle tone. The advantage of resistance training is that it can be done on your own and does not require expensive equipment. Resistance training also improves muscle tone and assists in weight loss.

Health Benefits of Strength Training


Strength training, along with cardiovascular exercise, can provide a significant boost in weight loss. People who engage in regular physical activity find it easier to lose weight with or without dieting. Regular exercise also makes it easier to lose weight and keep the weight off while allowing you to enjoy many of your favorite foods – in moderation.

Resistance training can improve muscle tone in people of all ages.


Along with aiding in weight reduction, strength training provides many significant health benefits:

  • Arthritis: reduced pain and stiffness with increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Diabetes: improved glycemic control
  • Osteoporosis: increased bone density, reduction in risk of falls
  • Heart Disease: improved lipid profile and reduced cardiovascular risk
  • Sleep Disorders: deeper sleep and fewer incidences of awakening during the night
  • Depression: enhanced confidence and self-esteem

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