Why Healthy Eating Can Keep Us Young

You’ve probably been hearing it your whole life: a balanced diet is crucial to good health. And healthy eating only becomes more important as we age! Getting a wide range of nutrients from fruits, veggies, calcium, grains and protein helps keep your body strong and your mind sharp.

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A healthy diet can also help prevent age-related conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and dementia. Eating well and maintaining a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help stave off many diseases and help you glide into old age with ease.

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One of the best ways you can stay healthy—and maintain a healthy body and mind—is to have a nutritious diet that includes healthy fats, high-quality protein and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Certain types of foods are beneficial for the brain. Spinach, blueberries and black beans are all considered “superfoods” that are good for the brain. Eating organic, high-quality protein like fish, eggs, nuts, milk and beans can improve mood and brain activity. These foods contain nutrients and healthy fats that help the brain work properly, improving memory and boosting the hormones that regulate mood and prevent stress, anxiety and depression.


Eating the same boring meal every day is no way to stay healthy. Nutritionists recommend that people of all ages eat the healthy proteins listed above as well as a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to help ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need.

Being creative with your diet will also help you boost your brain power by trying new things and learning new ways to prepare food.

“One of the best things a retirement community can provide is good nutrition.  We provide balanced meals every day.”

As you can see, eating well benefits seniors on many levels. Older adults need access to healthy and organic meals to prevent age-related diseases, boost brain function and maintain healthy body weight and blood pressure. These factors can help you maintain your health into old age and live well for years to come.